What is First Aid and How helps it

First aid is a quick treatment given to the victim before he gets an appropriate and thorough treatment. First aid is usually given for the following reasons:

• To save the victim’s life

• To avoid further expansion of the injury

• To promote quick recovery

First aid is given by a non-expert but a trained person. They are specifically trained to understand the injury and give the initial treatments before the experts actually start their treatment. These people are usually seen in the medical vans or ambulances.

The First Aid Kit:

The first aid kit is a collection of basic medical equipments and important medicines. It is always recommended to have a first aid kit in the house to avoid any on-time casualties. Some of the basic and important contents of the first aid kit are as follows:

• Cotton swab: Used to clean the wounds and prevent blood flow

• Adhesive Bandages: They are used on small wounds to prevent dust and germs.

• Bandages: They are used while dressing to support any medical device

• Butterfly closure strips: They are used to close the wounds temporary till further treatment is received.

• Soap: It is used with water to clean the wound

• Antiseptic: It is used to avoid any infection in the wound

• Anti fungal cream: Used to prevent from infection and to heal the wound

• Gloves: They should be used by the one giving the first aid to avoid exchange of infection or germs.

• Scissors: Used to cut cloth bandages

• Thermometer: To check fever

• Aspirin: It is a life saving drug used to relieve from minor pains and to reduce fever.

• Paracetamol: It’s a painkiller and often included in the first aid kit

An advanced first aid kit may contain the following additional instruments:

• Stethoscope: It is used to check the heart beats of the patient.

• Blood Pressure checking unit: Used to check the blood pressure of the patient.

• Oropharyngeal airway: It helps the person to continue breathing.

• Nasopharyngeasl airway: Used to open the person’s breathing airway which helps him to breathe.

• Manual aspirator: They are used to remove mucus from the patient’s body.

• Bag valve mask: It provides positive pressure ventilation to the patient if he is unable to breathe.

Medical Questions:

While giving first aid, you will be asked many medical questions like the time of the accident, the place of injury, object by which you were injured etc. These questions help them to give you proper first aid. Your medical history will also be inquired prior to giving you any drugs or vaccines.

First aid helps to avoid any serious medical emergencies and help in quick recovery.


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