Best Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Permanently

Are you looking for ways to help you in removing stretch marks permanently? If yes, there are many best ways available to get rid of these unattractive stretch marks. There are two causes of stretch marks and they are physical and hormonal. Extreme stretching of your skin also causes stretch marks that keep your skin from returning to its original condition. Such tremendous stretching is usually the result of gaining huge amounts of weight. Pregnant women, adolescents and bodybuilders who have been through fast growth spurts frequently develop stretch marks. During pregnancy, many women get the stretch marks. Continuous steroid use also causes stretch marks. Now let us have a look at the ways to help you in getting rid of stretch marks effectively.
  • Depending on the severity of your scar tissue, exfoliation is useful. Removing the dead skin layers will surely help you in reducing the appearance of your stretch marks. You should keep your skin hydrated by applying moisturizer to your skin after exfoliation.
  • Different kinds of creams and lotions are available to help you in improving the texture of your skin and remove stretch marks easily. Using lotions and creams is the best answer to the question like how to get rid of stretch marks (get answer). Several of these lotions and creams give you relief from stretch marks. Using such preparations on severe stretch marks cannot show marked improvement. You should also read the label carefully to know which products are well suited and best for you.
  • Laser treatments work effectively to remove your stretch marks fast. It is another best way to get rid of stretch marks permanently. Laser treatment only causes minor to moderate pain. Laser treatments greatly help you in removing your stretch marks.
  • Another natural way to get rid of your stretch marks is not to allow them to get worse at the first place. You should set up a moisturizing routine to keep your skin well moisturized. If you keep your skin moisturized then it is possible for you to maintain the collagen for the elasticity of your skin. If you keep your skin well moisturized always then you are less likely to get stretch marks.
  • Coconut oil and cocoa butter also help you in getting rid of stretch marks as they repair the injury done to your skin due to the stretch marks. You should purchase a quality product of these for getting best results. Following a skin friendly diet also helps you to remove your stretch marks easily. You should eat foods that provide you protein essential for your skin repair. Eating fruits also has many benefits. Eating fruits and vegetables helps one’s skin to glow inside and out too.
Although, it is very tough for you to remove your stretch marks completely, you can at least make a huge improvement in the appearance of your stretch marks making use of above mentioned ways. Before choosing any treatment to remove stretch marks, you should first discuss with your doctor about that treatment.


Call a Doctor said...

This is some great information! Cocoa butter is a great way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Thanks for the great info!

Christopher West said...

Do you have any advice for anybody suffering from acne?

BrianForbs said...

I will make a post on it soon.


Ebony said...

Hi Brian! Thanks for your very informative post. I have stretch marks on my arms and thighs and I am scared to undergo laser treatments. I will surely try using cocoa butter on these marks and hopefully reduce their ugly appearance.

MRSA said...

My mom used cocoa butter for stretch marks after having us 6 kids. She has a picture of herself showing before and after us kids and then a picture after using cocoa butter.

It looks so much better after.

Cosmetic surgeons said...

This is the problem with many women that they want both get rid of pregnancy stretch marks. My suggestion would be use of Coconut oil and cocoa butter that help you in getting rid of stretch marks as they repair the injury done to your skin due to the stretch marks.

acne said...

valuable advice, we can drop the traditional medicines of the pharmacy?

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