Gut Intestine Medical Problems

As per the human anatomy, the bowel (also known as intestine) is an alimentary canal’s segment that extends upto the anus which starts from the pyloric sphincter. It is divided into two types of intestine which are the small and large intestine.

The large intestine is further subdivided as colon and cecum, whereas the small intestine is subdivided as jejunum, ileum and duodenum 

In the human body, the gastrointestinal tracts, first part is the mouth through which we eat the food. As we consume food, it passes through the esophagus to the stomach. Going through the esophagus, the food reaches into the small intestine of an individual. It is the small intestine where the consumed food gets properly digested as well as absorbed into the person’s bloodstream.

The function of the gut is to process the food material right from the time when it is consumed by an individual upto the time when it gets eliminated as waste. The digestion process starts in an individual’s mouth. The breaking down of the food material is done by the enzymes as well as our teeth. The contraction of the muscles is responsible for moving the food material upto an individual’s esophagus and then the stomach. The digestion work is started by the cells present in the stomach which are chemically produced.

There are certain gut intestine medical problems. Some of them are mentioned below:

•    Over consumption of the medications that can be harmful for the gut

•    Lack of the digestive enzymes

•    Toxins that damage the gut (example- mold toxins mercury)

The gut intestine is thus an important part of the human body without which the body cannot perform some of its important functions.


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