Bowel Cancer Causes

Bowel Cancer Causes
Bowel cancer causes must be studied carefully as they are the prime factors that initiate growth of cancer cells and tumors in bowel or other nearby areas. causes of cancer are quite general in nature, but may not cause same impact to all the victims. Other factors like medical history and age also play an important part in deciding the intensity and impact of causes on a particular victim. 

Bowel Cancer Causes and Their Importance

Bowel cancer is a serious disease and may prevent a person from carrying his daily activities if the disorder reaches an advanced stage. It is the fourth-major form of cancer worldwide and is also a prime cause for many other cancers due to its tendency to metastasize rapidly. Bowel cancer is usually confused with cancer of the anus but both are different in nature though the causes and symptoms might be quite similar. Thus, thorough bowel cancer diagnosis is necessary to confirm the cancerous development in the region.

Bowel cancer can be of two basic types as primary and secondary. Primary bowel cancer is easier to tackle as the malignant cells originate in the bowel areas and restrict themselves to bowel region in the initial stages. Thus, detecting and identifying tumors becomes easier and this benefits immensely in initiating an apt bowel cancer treatment. Secondary form of the disorder is a cancerous development originating in some other organs or regions of the body and the tumors gradually increase their scope by spreading to other areas. Such tumors may also reach the bowel areas and cause severe infection in the region. Such tumors force the tissues in the area to malfunction and also cause cell abnormality. 

Bowel cancer causes depend mainly upon the immune system of the person. Some causes like those related to environment or concerned with previous medical history may not cause serious impact on the victim’s health if his internal body resistance is strong enough to fight such infections. Strong immune system also helps in optimum utilization of treatment. 

Bowel cancer causes leave their impact depending upon various factors. Age is one of the most important concerns related to the disease. The disorder targets mostly the adults and is more common in those beyond 50 years of age. Also, the chances of occurrence of bowel cancer are high in males as in comparison to females and occur in higher numbers in black people as compared to white race. 

Alcoholism, tobacco eating, and high consumption of red meat are some of the prime risk factors leading to severe cell abnormality in bowels. Benign polyps formed in the bowel areas that are not treated in time may lead to cancerous generation. Vitamin deficiency lowers the state of immune system and allows cancer cells to grow freely. Sufficient intake of Vitamin B lowers the chances of colorectal cancer. 

Obesity, diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and genetic causes including those arising from family history of bowel or other kinds of cancers may put a person at high risk.

Bowel cancer causes and their impact on the victim can be controlled if proper and active lifestyle along with healthy and hygienic diet is followed. One should also keep a check on his bowel habits and any problems in digestion of food should be discussed with a physician at the earliest.


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