Symptoms of Dengue and Malaria

Dengue and Malaria are examples of vector borne disease. These diseases are spread through mosquitoes. Especially during rainy season, doctors often get dengue or malaria affected patients. The eggs of mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed which is easily available during rainy season. Therefore, you might have seen government vehicles that come to spray medicines to kill the eggs of these mosquitoes. If you do not take care about it then these disease can be fatal. That is why it is necessary to know about the symptoms of dengue and malaria.

   Dengue is caused due to the bite of a mosquito that carries viruses that cause dengue. This mosquito is called aedes aegyypti mosquito. Similarly, malaria is also a common disease during the rainy season. This is caused due to the bite of a mosquito called as female anopheles mosquito. The difference between the two mosquitoes is that malaria causing mosquitoes bites at night, while dengue-causing mosquitoes bite during day.

   As both the diseases are caused due to mosquitoes, most of the symptoms are common. If you know the symptoms of dengue and malaria then you can quickly go to the doctor without wasting time. Some of the symptoms are:

·                    Swollen lymph nodes
·                    Severe headache
·                    Children get non-typical symptoms
·                    Severe Muscle pain
·                    Nausea
·                    Muscle pains
·                    Severe joint pains
·                    High fever - up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit
·                    Pain behind the Eyes
·                    Muscle aches
·                    Weakness
·                    Enlarge lymph nodes
·                    Prostration
·                    Slow Heart rate
·                    Rash
·                    Vomiting
·                    Cold chills

   Fever is the most common symptom for both the disease. If you get frequent changes in your body temperature then you can doubt of being affected to dengue or malaria.

   Do not fear because now you can easily get curative medicines for dengue and malaria. As soon as you get any of the above symptoms of malaria, then rush to your doctor.
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