Acne - Treatment and Preventions

Treatment of acne:

Treatment of acne varies from person to person. It’s best to take advice from a skin specialist who can answer questions about how to cure acne. Acne treatments and cures exist. There are topical ointments containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, retinoids, kojic acid, vitamin C, anti-inflammatory medicine and also hormonal treatments.

A lot of treatments are targeted at reducing incidence of bacterial infections. But these treatments may have some side effects. Clindamycin, erythromycin and minocycline are prescribed commonly to be taken orally or applied as ointments. Do question your doctor about the side effects of these antibiotics.

Medications such as isotretinoin, adapalene, tazarotene are effective but must be used only under strict guidance and prescription from a dermatologist or skin specialist

Acne therapy also tries to repair skin damage due to acne. Some common and highly effective therapies include ayurvedic and homeopathic therapy, herbal or natural therapy, laser therapy and photo therapy using red or infrared and blue or ultraviolet light.

Prevention of acne:

There are no guaranteed ways to prevent acne. But washing your face every few hours with a face wash suitable for your skin type or simply water helps clear your skin. Applying pure aloe vera gel, turmeric, sandalwood, papaya, tea tree oil can cleanse and reduce pigmentation on your skin. Drinking lots of water, green tea, eating less salty or oily food and avoiding chocolate during teenage years can help reduce the incidence of acne. Stress and tensions are linked with hormonal changes that can trigger acne. It’s best to practice stress relieving methods such as deep breathing, yoga or listening to music.

Exercise throws out toxins that may accumulate in your pores through sweat; so do exercise regularly. Wear a scarf or tie a handkerchief around your face so that you are protected from the ill effects of pollution, dust and intense sunlight. If you have questions about prevention of acne do feel free to ask them to your skin doctor.

If acne sounds cumbersome or bothersome disease, it indeed is, in many cases. Do get your questions about acne answered to avoid severe damage to your skin.

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