How to Know About Tonsil Cancer?

How to know about tonsil cancer and look out for an apt treatment? Understanding prime causes and early signs can be very helpful in such cases. Tonsils play an important role in development of immune system in children and form an important part of head and neck areas. Hence, any disorder in tonsils may directly impact speaking and eating abilities of an individual.
Tonsil cancer is mostly Squamous cell carcinoma type and develops generally in palatine tonsils. Smoking is one of the leading factors of the disorder and situation may worsen if a person is used to alcoholism, eating betel quid or chewing tobacco. Irritation or soreness in the tonsil areas that are difficult to diagnose and treat by normal methods are some of the basic signs of cancer development in the area.
Some may also suffer from pains or formation of lumps in the tonsils. Frequent infections and injuries are common in the affected area if the polyps become severe and begin to metastasize. Swelling of lymph nodes present in the neck areas, frequent bleeding for the tonsil areas and sudden change of taste can be the good indicators of tonsil cancer. Difficulties in consuming food, alteration of tonsil size and sudden weight loss may also be related to the disease and need urgent attention. 

How to Know About Tonsil Cancer and what are the Tests?
Tonsil cancer can be detected by simple methods like X-rays and CT (Computed Tomography) scans or by more advanced and detailed techniques like MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan and partial or complete biopsy of the victim’s body. Such methods help in tracing the origin of tumors and give an idea about their likely course in future. They also play a key role in relating the symptoms of tonsil cancer to its intensity. Knowing stages of tonsil cancer is also closely related to the diagnosis process.  
How to know about tonsil cancer if you detect some or many of the above symptoms? The best way is to approach a reputed physician or a cancer specialist and undergo a detailed examination of the body. Also, take medicines only in the prescribed format and only for the specified period. Overdose may lead to further severe complications.        


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