How to keep Healthy Tendons, Muscles and Ligaments

Tips to Maintain Tendons, Muscles and Ligaments Healthy
• The first and foremost thing one has to do is to plan the workout schedule and the types of exercises to do, whose benefits overweigh the drawbacks. Check out the resources you have to work on the body part of concern.

• Consume a lot of water and also stress on the required levels of protein consumption. Protein is vital to facilitate muscle growth. For maintaining the health of tendons, eat food rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B-12. Calcium also aids in keeping the tendons strong and flexible.

Citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables provide vitamin C. Cheese and milk may be great sources of calcium and olive oil and eggs may provide ample of vitamin E.

• To keep the ligaments healthy, exercises such as forward and backward flexing of head is useful. A person may try rotating left and right alternately and gradually while standing straight and facing forward.

Yoga and Stress management also aids in strengthening the ligaments and protecting them from diseases such as osteophytes. By stress reduction, we mean less of jumping, lifting or walking. Such exercises exert more pressure on tendons and ligaments if done rigorously.

Every individual human being aspires of a healthy lifestyle with a healthy physique that is disease-free and at the same time attractive and clinically fit. However, not everyone is blessed with one of such physiques. This makes exercises vital, however, while doing exercises, equal importance should be paid towards maintaining adequate body mass while reducing only the fats saturated in the body and not the essential muscle mass or organ weight.

Here, an attempt has been made to provide the guidelines on how to maintain muscles, tendons and ligaments. We have tried to answer the questions about muscles as well as the tendons and ligaments and explained its importance in body function. So take care of your body start your exercise schedule and gradually increase the workout so your muscles or ligaments do not suffer from stress.


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