Best Breast Care for Females

Female breasts have the mammary gland that is responsible for secretion of milk helpful for infant feeding. Breasts are flexible structures of the body comprised of glands and fats. Although, men and women both have these structures but female sex hormones, estrogens are responsible for making the female breasts appear prominent than men.

Females have to be cautious about the health of these milk ducts precisely breasts and hence, they are concerned about the question, how to care for breasts. Certain simple things that one follows in routine lifestyles may be vital for the care of breasts. Apart from this, there are a lot more things that we will discuss through the article. Special care is important for nursing mothers as breasts are much more sensitive then and may fall prey to any infection and cause harm to the baby’s health.

General Breast Care Tips

• Breast care will aid in arresting the possibility of breast cancer medical questions. As per reports, women who wear bra for long hours or for 24 hours a day are at elevated risk of developing breast cancer.

Hence, wear a bra for around 12 -15 hours a day and let the breasts breathe for the rest of the time, whenever possible. Also, choosing a comfortable bra that supports the breasts and fits well is very important.

• Massage the breasts with cocoa oil, olive oil or oil enriched with vitamin E. This will help maintain the breast muscles healthy and fine. Also massaging will help in feeling the breasts everyday for any abnormal change to determine at the earliest.

• Have a diet that is rich in estrogen. Wheat bran has ample amount of estrogen levels. Also, vegetables such as cabbage contain significant estrogen to keep the body’s estrogen levels to healthy limits and hence shield against breast cancer development. Read more information about breast care click here.


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