How to get treatment on Back Problems

Back problems are usually curable. The treatments for back problems range from simple pain killers to complicated epidurals for back pain,

Some common treatments used for back pain are as follows:

1. Use of pain killers and NSAID(Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
2. Use of surgeries like laminectomy and epidurals that help align the disc structures of the vertebrae
3. Use of machines that help straightening or aligning of the back muscles and bone structure such as, inversion machines and special traction machines along with supporting belts,
4. Use of Infra Red , Ultra violet rays and ultrasounds to relieve pain
5. Use of posture correction exercises, physiotherapy and alternative medicines like acupuncture, ayurveda and homeopathy that aim to relieve pain

Preventing back problems: Preventing back problems is easier said than done however following tips can help you save your back,

1. Use a calcium and protein rich diet
2. Exercise; go for jogs or long walks
3. Stretch your body do not sit in position for long
4. Drive carefully and beware of sports injuries and accidents
5. Avoid sudden bending, twisting or turning motion

If you still have doubts about how to survive back problems and the sources or causes of back problem do contact your doctor immediately. Do feel free to ask a medical question about back problems and also get online (read here) remedies for back pain.


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