How to take care of Babies

Babies undoubtedly bring a big smile on a parent’s face, but having a new born can also make them worried about how to take care of the baby. New parents especially have a lot of questions about babies. Most parents are worried about how to take care of babies and give them the right attention and affection.

Parents are concerned about their baby’s general health and ask questions like what I should do if,

• the baby has fever or my baby pukes or vomits everything I feed it
• my baby is suffering from diarrhea or dysentery
• my baby shows signs of weakness or is over weight
• my baby doesn’t respond to my voice or shows signs of deafness or dumbness
• my baby is suffering from dyslexia, Down’s Syndrome, paralysis etc.

Some medical emergency that parents might enquire about may include things like,

• if my babies weight, temperature, etc is correct
• if my baby isn’t suffering from indigestion, stress or anxiety
• How do I give its medicines and tonics
• exercise my baby’s hands and legs and its brain

Parents often ask questions about the baby’s diet like:

• How often and how long should the baby be breast fed
• Should I warm his water or milk bottle
• When can I feed solids to the baby
• How do I make sure that baby’s diet is easy to digest and full of nutrition
If you have questions about how to take care of babies or any medical illnesses about baby’s health or general well being do feel free to ask your physician.


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