Comprehensive Dental and Oral Health Benefits

Dental Trauma and problem in chewing food
Comprehensive dental and oral health benefits are like a boon for the people suffering from dental problems. People at times feel embarrassed and ashamed of their dental and oral health as they suffer from gum and teeth diseases and may also suffer tooth loss.

Loss of original adult teeth makes people cautious about their smile. Although, there are certain traditional treatments available for tooth replacement with an artificial tooth or a complete rehabilitation of mouth, a comprehensive treatment aims at resolving the problem with a time-saving approach and offering better oral health.

Losing adult teeth gradually creates a problem in chewing food items and thereby maintaining overall health. The traditional treatments are expensive, time-consuming and at the same time painful as such treatments require a bone grafting surgery to be performed on the patient before the rehabilitation treatment.

Comprehensive Treatment and Tradition Treatment:

Although, both these treatments aim at providing dental care and reduce dental trauma (read here), there are certain characteristic features of a comprehensive treatment over the traditional treatment:

  • A traditional treatment to treat dental pain and other oral problems such as tooth loss requires multiple, around 6-8 implants and is very painful. Unlike this, a comprehensive treatment addresses and treats the problem in less time in approx 4 implants (in a single day).
  • The results according to the patients’ experience are better by 8-10% with comprehensive treatment as compared to traditional implant technique. Especially, people experiencing extensive tooth loss and those with a complete adult tooth loss are benefited with a comprehensive dental treatment.
  • Follow-up consultations and repeated procedures required with a comprehensive dental implant treatment is significantly less than a traditional approach. This is a remarkable benefit for the people with busy schedule, who cannot afford to go on leave from work or even spend more money and time.
  • A comprehensive dental implantation technique offers a complete lifestyle makeover along with the dental makeover.

 Tooth decay and gum diseases are some of the common dental problems. However, edentulism and gradual adult tooth loss are also becoming general problems in elderly and rarely in young people.

There are new breakthrough treatments gaining popularity due to its effectiveness. Comprehensive dental and oral health benefits are offered by these new dental implant techniques.

A comprehensive solution to dental health, offers people to get rid of the dental pain, and at the same time it can restore the quality of smile with healthier teeth.

Also, the treatment can be received in a single day and does not demand frequent follow up visits and consultations. A little post-operative dental discomfort may be overcome soon by the patient as it is expected.


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