5 Tips to Stop Smelly Feet

In the list of medical questions there is a huge list of questions about feet (list here), so many ointments, tons of flowery powders and yet people seek online medical help to get rid of their smelly feet. Life is not really simple but we definitely attempt to make it better and surely non-smelly!

There are as many cures as causes of smelly feet as it depends o every person’s body, lifestyle and choice of footwear. Here is a list of 5 tips very effective in stopping smelly feet:

1. Say no to nylon

Do not use nylon socks. Go for cotton or wool socks but no nylon. Nylon makes your feet puffy and sticky. Choose some thin fabric wool or cotton material for your feet.

2. Let your feet breathe

That’s a part of your body with tons of living cells which need to breathe. Let your feet be open as much as possible. Covering them regularly or continuously will give out tacky odor creating an embarrassing situation for you. Keep them clean and dry as much as possible.

3. Get rid of the old footwear

Those old time sneakers and trainers are really stinking. Old footwear due to continual usage get an odor in them which cannot be cured so better get yourself new footwear.

4. Keep your footwear ventilated

As soon as you remove them keep them at an airy corner and do not stash the footwear in to the stands. If possible keep the inner soles aside for separate drying.

5. Stay away from infections

This can be an answer to many health questions. So keep yourself away from infections, blistering, cracks or flakes. They are painful and highly uncomfortable.

Overweight results into problems in every part of your life so also get rid of the extra weight which also gives you those smelly feet. Exercise is a mantra for every health issue!


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