The Best Stretch Mark Solution

Stretch marks are commonly observed in many man and women. If the skin gets stretched beyond certain tolerance, it gives rise to stretch marks. The skin comprises collagen and the connective tissues. Stretching ruptures the tissues and collagen and the skin gets damaged forming the stretch marks. These are whitish, pink and purplish in color. But no need to worry, as the best stretch mark solutions are available. So stretch marks, is no more an issue. 

Before we move ahead towards how to cure stretch marks, it is necessary to understand why stretch marks arise? In case of women the stretch marks are common after pregnancy. Sudden change in the body shape leads to stretch marks. The skin gets damaged in body building as while making the muscles, it leaves stretch marks on the skin.

The most important thing is the dermatologist researched and found the non surgical techniques to get rid of the stretch marks. Many effective creams and gels are available on the counter those help to eliminate stretch marks.

The creams that contain ascorbic acid or tretinoin emollient cream, ointments that contain glycolic acid are highly effective in treating the stretch marks. Emu oil, rose hip oil, olive oil, aloe vera are used to prevent the stretch marks. Plant oils and cocoa butter are used to progress the lipid balance of the skin. Anti inflammatory properties of aloe vera reduces the redness of the recently formed stretch marks.

Vitamins such as A, E and D3 are essential to remove the stretch marks. These nourish the skin and stimulate the new skin cell to grow. The creams that encourage the collagen and makes up the depleted level of collagen are effective against stretch marks.

So in a way stretch mark is not a big issue or the issue which can not be tackled. Timely application or on time treatment is the key for the best results.


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