Female Infertility Common Causes

Medical questions about infertility are very common these days. Around 35% of women face this problem in US alone and seek online medical help to ask a medical question about their private issues. Some of the female infertility common causes here:

Ovulation disorder

Most of the times a cause for female infertility is the ovulation disorder which may occur due to hormonal imbalances. The process of ovulation is highly dependent on the proper balance of hormones in the body, a minute fluctuation in the hormones and the ovulation process is disturbed which may lead to
• Inability to produce mature eggs
• Malfunction of the ovary maturation
• Malfunction of the pituitary gland, it is responsible for the proper ovarian maturation

Most of the time ovulation disorder is also caused due to premature menopause. This may occur as a result of continuous extensive exercise and low body weight. Sometimes ovaries are damaged due to extensive and persistent surgeries resulting in ovarian cysts injuring the ovarian capsule.

Improper functioning of fallopian tubes

Fallopian tubes are the two fine tubes connecting the ovaries to the uterus. Any tubal infection, abdominal diseases, extensive surgeries, inherited defects may lead to malfunctioning of the fallopian tubes leading to female infertility.


This is an abnormal growth of the uterus lining, called the endometrium. This growth also occurs in another place of the abdomen, like in the fallopian tubes, ovaries or the pelvic peritoneum. The symptoms include premenstrual spotting, heavy, painful and longer menstrual periods, rectal bleeding and urinary urgency. In females with endometriosis, the fertility reduces by 20-30% than in the women without endometriosis.

Behavioral Factors

Behavioral aspects such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, high intake of caffeine, unhealthy or imbalanced diet leads to stress causing hormonal variations resulting in infertility.

Age is a very common aspect in the female infertility. Women above 35 tend to become infertile or less fertile as compared to younger women.


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