How to get rid of Stretch Marks

Are you staring at that gorgeous wedding gown of yours, which you cannot wear now because of, that ugly stretch mark on your feet? Has the joy of pregnancy got you in a trouble of stretch marks then here is a solution for you. Stop worrying about the marks because there are innumerable treatments for stretch marks. You go for any of it that suits your comfort and budget.

 Before knowing about treatments let us know a bit about causes of stretch marks.. The causes of stretch marks are not uncommon and everyone has to face at least one of them, at some point of their life. The major causes are puberty, rapid increase in fat, muscle building and even pregnancy.

   The treatments for stretch mark can be dome in three common and major ways:

  • Cosmetics: You will find various creams and lotions that treat stretch mark. Try a sample of it on your underarm or hands. This will show you that whether your skin is allergic to it or not. Have a word with your dermatologist and choose the best for you. Chemical peel is one of the treatments, which is done using cosmetics. There are different types of creams for different skin type.
  • Surgical: There are various operations for stretch marks, including laser beams. The doctor based up on your age and skin type, decides the type of operation that has to be performed.
  • Herbal: Many natural scrubs and oils can treat stretch marks effectively. You can get this treatment done at your home itself. You can find these natural medicines in your kitchen or garden.

  If you are confused, about which treatment would be the best for you, then you can switch on to those sites that provide online medical help (like this) for stretch marks treatments. You can ask the experts and they will guide you. You just need to tell them some details about your skin type and the problem and some sites provide this service free, while some charge fees. However, it is always better to consult someone by personally visiting them.


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