Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most dreadful forms of cancer especially for women. Women with breast cancer are not just physically unhealthy but also mentally disturbed, because breast is the one, which represents the feminity in a woman. According to a recent survey, every year frightening number of women dies due to breast cancer. However, this is not the only reason for their death, their carelessness and delay is another because early diagnosis can save you from cancer.

   Breast cancer starts when a malignant cell (cancerous cell) is formed under the skin of the breast or somewhere near the armpit. This cell divides and multiplies to form a tumor and interrupts with the normal functioning of the breast. It can be treated only if you get it treated soon. With health information on breast cancer, you can diagnose it at home or in a clinic.

   There are various symptoms and signs for breast cancer (read here). You can feel them easily just by a touch. However, sometimes it is difficult to feel the lumps, which are formed at the initial stages of cancer, so you need to undergo a mammogram screening. This has to be done annually so that you can detect cancer as early as possible and get it treated. The symptoms for breast cancer vary according to the stages of its progress.

   Symptoms for primary breast cancer:
  • Touch your breast and see whether you can feel any lump around your breast or armpit.
  • Check out for any kind of swelling, redness or roughness on the breast or on the nipples.
  • Discharge from one of the nipples can also be a sign of breast cancer.
  • Pulled in nipple is also a sign of cancer.
  • Scaly skin on the breast.

Symptoms for advanced breast cancer:
  • Because of bone metastases, the affected person might experience some kind of pain in the bones.
  • The patient may feel difficulty in breathing due to lung metastases.
  • The person may not like any food, because of liver metastases. This might even result in severe weight loss.
  • Weakness and headache is caused due to brain metastases.

   There are many institutes for cancer treatment. So, one does not need to worry about it. Breast cancer can be cured in its early stages so you need to take care of its signs and symptoms. Knowledge about physical examination can save your life. So, do take care about those minor signs of breast cancer can save your life.


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