How to fade Stretch Marks Completely

Stretch marks are the most usual skin aliment that everybody suffers from teenagers hitting puberty to pregnant women. Anybody, who has gained or lost weight quickly, has stretch marks. The marks that are basically scars are found on buttocks, thighs, stomach and breasts. No treatment is there for totally eliminating the marks however, there are ways of lessening their appearance. Almost 90% women have stretch marks. Striae stretch marks generally appear after the fast weight gain like pregnancy. Obesity and weight lifting are other causes of stretch marks. Genes also play a part. Tendency to get stretch markets can be innate. Below are given some best ways to eliminate stretch marks totally.


Below are given the best ways to fade stretch marks:

  • Ointments, creams and lotions: In many cases, creams effectively work and remove the stretch marks. Creams penetrate into the surface of skin and o into deeper layers of the skin. Few of the creams are very efficient for rejuvenating your injured skin.
  •  Home remedies: As for now, no home remedies have  proven such results but  vitamin E, emu oil, tee tree oil are the best supplement for hydrating your skin while you are pregnant. Home remedies are always the best option to remove stretch marks on permanent basis.
  • Retinol: Retinoid ointment has the power to remove small layers of injured skin. It is a prescription from the doctor. Studies have also shown that a usual side effect is skin irritation. There have been claims that this product needs improvement however, other researchers have not found any kind of effect.
  •  Laser Fraxel treatment: Laser Fraxel treatment has the power to improve your skin when you have sun injuries, stretch marks and brown spots. Laser Fraxel treatment can produce many of small however, small deep columns of treatment in skin named as MicroThermal Zones. This treatment can eradicate old epidermal pigmented cells. It can even penetrate deeply into dermis. Fraxel laser is so correct that it can penetrate into protective and non-living barrier of skin named stratum corneum. Fractional treatment permits your skin for curing fast than when the whole area was treated by making use of the natural curing process of body to create healthy as well as new tissues for replacing skin imperfections.

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