Take Pink Ribbon Challenge - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The number of breast cancer cases among women is rapidly increasing. It is the most common type of cancer affecting women after skin cancer. The survival rate of breast cancer depends on the type of cancer and its stage. The life of the woman can be saved from early detection, regular medical check-ups, medical information, and mammography. It would also help them to get the required treatment before it enters into the last stage.

October is known as the breast cancer awareness (get more details) month. Taking the Pink ribbon challenge would help you to make your valuable contribution to the cause of breast cancer patients and also support the organization.
Apart from these, you can also help by spreading the message on the pink ribbon challenge to friends and relatives and become an active member for the cause of all the breast cancer patients all over the world.
About the Pink ribbon challenge:

This pink ribbon challenge is an annual event hosted by the NBFC (National Breast Care Foundation). It happens in the month of October every year during the breast cancer awareness month.
The main aim of this event is to raise funds for the free medical help of the women who cannot afford mammography tests. This program is a combined effort of radio listeners, radio stations, syndicated programs, and top name music celebrities. There are many online events planned basically to promote awareness and to promote the fight against the disease.
The fund raising activity for this event is different from all the other fund raising activities. In order to participate and take up the pink ribbon challenge, the listener participant has to first visit the website of the radio station every day during the month of October.  Then, they have to click on the Pink ribbon banner.   

Once you have clicked on the pink ribbon, it opens up another link of ‘the breast cancer site’.  Here, you will find an option of ‘fund free mammograms.’ You have to click on the button and this would translate into the monetary contribution by the sponsors of the corporate industry.
The funds rose as a result of the above mentioned activities are distributed by the NBFC to the mobile mammography units, clinics, and hospitals.


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