How to get cured from Swine Flu?

Swine flu is increasingly spreading in India and many cases are being admitted to hospitals in almost all parts of the country. Hospitals for swine flu treatment are attempting their best to give best treatment to affected person.

Here are treatment options for swine flu:

  • Antivirals: This is the best group of drugs, which can surely help you to reduce symptoms of swine flu (read here) and relives patients. Only the virus is not completely killed with these drugs

  • Tamiflu and Relenza drugs: These drugs have the power to lessen the time of staying ill and reduce symptoms. Further, they also reduce high-risk complications like pneumonia. Relenza drug comes in inhaler form, which is similar to inhaler, which asthmatic patients make use of. The usage of both these drugs is not suggested and you need to first get tested for swine flu. If you get infected then the dosage is suggested by your doctor relying on severity. Making use of such drugs is risky without medical supervision

  • Symptomatic treatment: This treatment is used to lessen symptoms like body pain and temperature using Paracetamol. This is still not to be administered in overload. Because Paracetamol is multi-acting drug and gives side effects. Its use in children needs to be strictly done under the instructions of physician

  • Antimicrobial drugs: Generally, when there is a viral attack on your body, immunity in your body gets lessened and it is the time when you are more prone to other diseases. The most common disease is pneumonia. These drugs are given to those patients, who are ill because of swine flu, as extra-flu complications are expected to have occurred.

Few ideas to get cured from swine flu:

  • Take apple cider vinegar: It is a natural cure for swine flu. Apple Cider Vinegar keeps your body in an alkaline condition so that swine flu can not reside. Only, you need to mix three spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar in water and drink it three times a day. This works for any type of flu treatment
  • Mixture of onion, vinegar, ginger and garlic: It is another natural cure for swine flu. Make use of the blender to grind the ingredients together. 
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