What is Acne and How to cure it?

Acne is a skin condition, which occurs because of the overproduction of oil by oil glands of our skin. It is identified by the inflammation in skin. Acne generally occurs during adolescence. Many people get it during lifetime. There are many websites, which provide you tips to heal your acne.

Acne also occurs because of numerous factors, which include hormonal changes related to pregnancy and heredity. Dermatologists will assist you in the treatment to cure your acne. Medications are also available to cure your acne. Below are given some tips to cure your acne. With the help of our given tips, you can cure your acne. Acne medical questions and answers are available online, which you can read.

  • Wash twice a day with acne soap: You must wash your face twice daily with a sulfur based soap, which is designed for acne. You need to be gentle with your skin when you are washing it. Do not scrub or use any kind of rough cloth. Over washing your skin also stimulates your sebaceous glands for producing sebum hence increasing your acne. 
  • Keep your hair off your face: If you have long hair then  you should pull your hair off your face. Your hair includes oil as well, and can contribute to your breakouts. You should wash your hair everyday and after workouts
  • Apply a honey mask to your face once a week: Honey has antiseptic properties so it is best for sterilizing as well as curing minor blemishes. It is also mild on sensitive skin.
  • Include chromium in your diet: Chromium is best for weight loss diets. It is also good to cure infection on your skin. Taking chromium once a day will surely cure your pimples rapidly and prevent future breakouts
  • Avoid wearing makeup: Applying makeup products on your skin contributes to blockage of your pores, causing many pimples and blackheads. If you want to do makeup then you should use water-based products. 
  • Eat foods rich in zinc: Zinc is an antiseptic agent and an essential element in the oil-producing glands of your skin. A diet low in zinc causes acne breakouts. So, you should eat foods, which contain zinc.


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